Pty Ltd is an Australian private company wholly owned by Bryce McDougall in Sydney, Australia.

The company published a manifesto written by Bryce McDougall in 2009 entitled The Too Hard Basket, this was his second book. View this unsettling but inspiring title at the bottom of this page or download it to your device here.

The Too Hard Basket fell on deaf ears and failed to promptly achieve the objective of raising funds for a new breed of Not for Profit businesses (NFPOIs). Bryce is currently establishing a For Profit business called Bryces Pty Ltd. Once profitable he will then invest his own money in the first NFPOI.

BRYCES will be a chain of studio apartment motels throughout regional NSW. Bryce is appearing on Shark Tank in Australia Sunday June 7 at 9pm pitching this business to potential investors. Check out the Facebook page here.

Bryce McDougall’s first book, My Child is Gay, was published in 1998 by Allen & Unwin and can still be bought at your local bookshop. It remains an invaluable resource to struggling parents. Bryce is currently contemplating a completely revised edition.

Contact Bryce on +61 2 9557 8894 for further information on anything listed above.

Download the PDF file .